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Acid-Alkaline Balance and Its Effect on Bone Health

The Whol-E team is always searching for new information about the benefits of a basic diet. When we say a “basic” diet, we of course mean a predominantly alkaline diet. To help our Hom-Es and followers continue their knowledge about our water and alkaline diets in general, we would like to share some new information with you!

Our latest research involves some interesting findings about the effects of acidic diets on bone health. Thanks to two doctors, Susan E. Brown and Russell Jaffe, we get to tell you a few facts about the acid-alkaline balance and its effect on our bone health!

The first thing that stood out to us was the importance of mineral supply to the bones. When trying to grow or rebuild, our bones rely on mineral reserves. Without a sufficient supply of a number of minerals like Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, (Look Familiar?) Zinc, and a few others, our bones will begin to dissolve any existing minerals. This mineral loss is directly connected to bone loss.

When our bodies face an acid overload, we turn to alkalizing minerals like potassium and sodium to help control our body’s pH balance. If our mineral reserves are depleted, our bodies will unfortunately turn to calcium from the bones as a buffer. This transfer of calcium within our bodies is associated with bone loss, and can tell us if our mineral reserves are properly stocked. The authors go onto state their belief that osteoporosis can be acquired after our bodies slip into metabolic acidosis.

The authors even state that even one-tenth of a point drop in a human’s pH can “greatly stimulate osteoclastic activity, inhibit osteoblastic action, and induce a multifold bone mineral loss.” You can see why our cellular pH is such a delicate balance. Our bodies do a great job of regulating our pH. Since a pH scale is logarithmic, 6 pH is 10 times more acidic in 7 pH. Even minor variations can be biologically costly. That’s why the body must rely on our mineral reserves to maintain balance.

“Maintenance of healthy bone and cellular pH over a lifetime is a matter of small, yet deeply important choices.”

We believe that this quote taken from the International Journal of Integrative Medicine captures the essence of Whol-E Water’s health goals that we share with our drinkers. We encourage every Hom-E to use Whol-E Water as the foundation to your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the consistent consumption of alkaline water, we recommend to eat predominately alkaline foods. We realize that there’s a balance in the body, and some people may differ from others– in terms of their diets and lifestyles. We feel that a good rule of thumb is to consume 60% alkaline foods/drinks, to 40% acidic ones. In very simple terms, eat a bit more fruits and veggies than you do animal proteins. Also, avoid high consumption of flour, wheat and sugar.

International Journal of Integrated Medicine: Acid-Alkaline Balance and Its Effect on Bone Health


* Whol-E Water is not intended to cure or prevent any diseases.

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