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The Whol-E Detox Program

It happens to all of us, a weekend full of indulgences- beer, queso, and decadent deserts. Once Monday rolls around you feel like crap and you’re looking for a quick fix. Some people turn to juice, some turn to raw food for their cleanses. We’d like to introduce you to the Whol-E Detox program. Now,

BALANCE: 5 Easy Ways to “Go Alkaline”

5. De-Stress Everyone has his or her own methods. Whether it’s working out, watching Netflix or taking your dog for a walk, find a way to relax! Chronic stress can lead to excess acid inside our bodies. When our bodies become acidic, minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium may be stolen from our

Finding Whol-E

As far back as any of us at Whol-E Water can remember, sports and fitness have been central to our lives. Each of us played soccer through our senior year of high school and later went on to play college sports: O’Brien and Leitgeb played club soccer for Baylor University; Lye kicked for the Baylor

The Kingdom: The 2014 Fittest Games

Austin got hit with a winter storm on Thursday, January 23rd—one day before the 2014 Fittest Games. Despite the freezing weather and icy roads, athletes and spectators found their way to CrossFit Central’s downtown location, as planned. Although we had an idea of how many people would actually be there, we were amazed to see

Drink Your Way to Happiness!

Drink Your Way to Happiness Why Whol-E Water is the Official Drink of Positive Psychology Positive psychology is the study of what makes life worth living and what makes humans thrive. Whol-E Water embodies two of the most foundational and important aspects of positive psychology — appreciation and kindness. 1. Whol-E is Thankful: Drinking Whol-E

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games- local companies supporting a charitable cause We are proud to announce that Whol-E Water we will be one of the sponsoring companies of the 2014 Fittest Games Hosted by CrossFit Central, the competition is designed to celebrate the empowering elements of CrossFit and is open to all fitness levels

What is Whol-E Water?


Looking Back, Then Forward!

We at Whol-E want to wish our Hom-Es a Happy New Year! We hope that you had a year full of good times and good health. More importantly, we hope you spent your time doing meaningful things with meaningful people. Reflection is a key part of progression. One of the special parts of welcoming the

Acid-Alkaline Balance and Its Effect on Bone Health

The Whol-E team is always searching for new information about the benefits of a basic diet. When we say a “basic” diet, we of course mean a predominantly alkaline diet. To help our Hom-Es and followers continue their knowledge about our water and alkaline diets in general, we would like to share some new information