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The Whol-E Detox Program

It happens to all of us, a weekend full of indulgences- beer, queso, and decadent deserts. Once Monday rolls around you feel like crap and you’re looking for a quick fix. Some people turn to juice, some turn to raw food for their cleanses.

We’d like to introduce you to the Whol-E Detox program. Now, I’m sure most of you have heard of water cleanses before– drinking nothing but water for 24 hours straight. We think that’s a bit silly, so we created 3 levels of cleanses that incorporate high water consumption, along with a raw foods diet.

Alkaline water is key for water-based cleanses because it is composed of micro-clusters which are comprised of about 5-6 water molecules. A normal water cluster has about 10-11 water molecules. So what’s the benefit? Micro-clusters are able to penetrate our cell membranes more efficiently than normal waters. This not only means you’re hydrating quicker, but also cleansing your body quicker.

With that said, let’s get started:

Level One

Duration: 5 days

Our first level calls for a daily water regimen of 5-7 Whol-E Waters. This is roughly 10-14 cups of water each day. Make sure that at least 60% of your diet is basic/raw (for tips on finding basic foods, click here: In addition to our recommendation of a predominantly basic diet and water consumption, level one also require you to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Do your best keep your workout intensity fairly high, and be sure to hydrate properly before and after exercising.

Level Two

Duration: 7 days

Follow level one’s instructions, but increase your water intake to 7-9 Whol-E Waters a day for a week straight. Also, increase your daily exercise to 60 minutes a day. Since your workouts are longer, it would be best to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercises into your regimen.

Level Three

Duration: 14 days

Follow level one’s instructions, but increase your water intake to 9-11 Whol-E Waters a day for two weeks straight. Also, increase your daily exercise to 90 minutes a day (aerobic and anaerobic).

Why so much exercise? 

For one, we love staying active and sitting still isn’t really our thing. More importantly, it is because working out heightens your metabolism and helps rid your body of toxins. Plus, our detox program isn’t necessarily focusing on a decrease in your caloric intake. Rather, it stresses an increase in alkaline water consumption mixed with a raw foods/basic diet, so working out is acceptable with the Whol-E Detox program.

BALANCE: 5 Easy Ways to “Go Alkaline”

5. De-Stress

Everyone has his or her own methods. Whether it’s working out, watching Netflix or taking your dog for a walk, find a way to relax! Chronic stress can lead to excess acid inside our bodies. When our bodies become acidic, minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium may be stolen from our vital organs and bones to combat or buffer the acid.

 4. Lemon Water 

Lemon water offers a variety of health benefits. By simply adding a lemon, or half of a lemon, to a glass of water you are giving your immune system a boost. Although the fruit is acidic, it has the opposite effects on the body once digested. Lemons contain very alkalizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that can help balance your bodily pH.

Additionally, lemon juice can improve digestion and help flush the body out by loosening the toxins in the digestive tract. A properly functioning digestive tract and cleansed immune system can lead to clearer skin, weight loss, fresher breath, and a boost in energy. The best way to take advantage of the benefits of lemon water is to drink a glass of lemon 20-30 minutes before breakfast each day. This allows the body to metabolize and experience all of the benefits of the lemon water before you begin to digest any substance.

 3. Snack 

There are handfuls of basic foods with all natural minerals that we should all consume on a regular basis. A good example would be raw, unsalted almonds. Almonds contain magnesium, calcium, and other natural alkaline minerals that work to balance out our bodies.

Other basic snacks include: Artichokes, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Celery, Limes, Mango, Honeydew, Papaya, Parsley, Seaweed, Seedless grapes, Watercress, Asparagus, Kiwi, Pears, Apricots, Avocados, Bananas, Garlic, Ginger, Peaches, Grapefruit, Broccoli, and many others. 

Acidic snacks: Alcohol, Soft drinks, Tobacco, Coffee, White Sugar, Refined Salt, Artificial Sweeteners, Antibiotics, White flour products, Seafood, White vinegar, Barley, Cheese, Flesh Meats, and many others. 

We don’t recommend cutting out acidic foods completely. There’s a balance inside your body and it needs its acidic foods just as it needs its alkaline ones. A good rule of thumb is to go 60% alkaline and 40% acidic.

2. Exercise 

Whether you are training for marathon or just walking around your neighborhood, exercise will always help your body flush toxins, increase blood flow, ensure consistent oxygen delivery, and ultimately help balance our blood’s pH. This increased activity in the blood and nervous system enable people to control weight gain and weight loss, combat disease and bacteria, experience more positive moods, and of course an boost in energy and stamina. Exercise will help your body get into a position where it can metabolize and absorb all of the nutrients and minerals you digest. Similarly, your diet will help your body prepare, endure, and recover from exercise.

1. Drink Whol-E Water!  

… Of course! Consumption of high alkaline water is one of the most effective ways to balance your bodily pH. One bottle won’t solve all your problems, so remember to drink Whol-E Water on a daily basis.

 How to measure your pH:

1. Listen to your body: The main indicator here will be a loss of energy. If you constantly feel fatigued, it is likely that you are not only dehydrated, but also out of balance.

2. pH test strips: These strips test urine and saliva and are very accurate. This would be a more precise way of keeping track of your pH levels. Check out pH strips:

Your body does a great job of regulating its pH. Even if we get slightly out of balance, it can be fatal. The body will pull minerals like calcium and magnesium from other places like our bones and muscles to ensure its equilibrium. We want to keep our mineral reserves where they belong (in our bones, muscles and vital organs) so staying balanced through the techniques listed above would be a great start in your quest to “go alkaline.”

Finding Whol-E

As far back as any of us at Whol-E Water can remember, sports and fitness have been central to our lives. Each of us played soccer through our senior year of high school and later went on to play college sports: O’Brien and Leitgeb played club soccer for Baylor University; Lye kicked for the Baylor Bears football team; and Hinners played D1 soccer at George Washington Universtiy.

Practicing 12 hours a week and traveling on weekends for games was no easy task. Though we were young, the intensive activity took a toll on our bodies. Fortunately, a lifetime of competitive sports comes with a well-rounded knowledge of proper nutrition for an active lifestyle. We all agree that one of the main takeaways from a lifetime of sports is how ingrained a healthy diet became.

Our interest in holistic living continued throughout high school and in college, where we were introduced to CrossFit. O’Brien’s brother, a coach at Westlake CrossFit in Austin, TX, showed us a whole different style of working out. We were hooked. CrossFit became our new fitness outlet.

The hot Texas summers created a sauna-like climate in Westlake CrossFit’s garage gym. After each workout, we were drenched in sweat and extremely dehydrated. We knew the importance of hydration, but we didn’t know there were different types of hydration until we stumbled upon alkaline water.

Curious and excited to try the new water that claimed to hydrate and balance the body more efficiently than other water, we headed to the nearest Whole Foods to buy some.

Though the effects weren’t instantaneous, we did notice that we seemed to be utilizing more of what we were taking in. As any athlete knows, when you have too much water, you can get “sloshy belly,” which is an uncomfortable state when you’re running long distances, or doing an intense workout. While using alkaline water with our workouts, we no longer experienced this problem.

Hooked on the new water, we started doing more research. We’ll spare you the details but in short, we created Whol-E Water, an enhanced alkaline water containing chelated minerals, blended with reverse-osmosis water.

We do not doubt that the creation of Whol-E is a result of our upbringing and a manifestation of our athletic backgrounds. We are grateful to be providing a product that we truly believe will improve health. Our water doesn’t have to be your ultimate solution, but let it be a beginning to a healthy new lifestyle.

We are a young group of guys who are passionate about fitness and we love giving back to those who need help. Whol-E shares a percentage of its profits with A Glimmer of Hope, a nonprofit that digs wells in Ethiopia for clean drinking water. That is what Whol-E Water is all about. We appreciate all those who have supported us in spreading our message.

As always,

Feel Good Do Good!

The Kingdom: The 2014 Fittest Games

Austin got hit with a winter storm on Thursday, January 23rd—one day before the 2014 Fittest Games. Despite the freezing weather and icy roads, athletes and spectators found their way to CrossFit Central’s downtown location, as planned.

Although we had an idea of how many people would actually be there, we were amazed to see how many people appeared at the event by the time Saturday rolled around. Packed with vendors, judges, volunteers, spectators and athletes, the Fittest Games was rolling by the time the very first heat took place. Whol-E Water, one of many awesome vendors present at the event, was providing alkaline hydration to all judges, volunteers and spectators.

Some 1000 bottles of Whol-E Water were circulated during the 2-day event. This was possibly the coolest event in which we have participated. Not only did we provide Whol-E Water to a mass of fit Austinites, but we were also able to raise money for our non-profit, A Glimmer of Hope, which was one of our main goals from the start.

Whol-E Water donated 50 cents of each bottle sold to our nonprofit, A Glimmer of Hope, toward its current fundraiser, “Bring Clean Water to Gonok,” which is raising capital to construct a deep borehole well in Gonok—a region of rural Ethiopia.

“Bring Clean Water to Gonok” will provide more than 400 families with access to clean drinking water by constructing a well in close proximity to the Gonok village.

In addition to inviting Whol-E Water to the Fittest Games, CrossFit Central donated to the fundraiser.  We are thrilled that CrossFit Central and the Fittest Games share our passion for giving back.

Events like these are what define our company and make a difference in the world. Whol-E’s “Feel Good, Do Good” slogan embodies our imperative to improve health while fostering a generous mission. The fact that we got the opportunity to share Whol-E Water with such an empowered crowd was an incredible and beneficial experience for all involved.

For more info on the Fittest Games, please visit:

For more info on our fundraiser, please visit:

Drink Your Way to Happiness!

Drink Your Way to Happiness

Why Whol-E Water is the Official Drink of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the study of what makes life worth living and what makes humans thrive. Whol-E Water embodies two of the most foundational and important aspects of positive psychology — appreciation and kindness.

1. Whol-E is Thankful: Drinking Whol-E Water is, in itself, an act of self-appreciation because, in doing so, you are taking care of your body. Whol-E Water allows you to hydrate more efficiently, detoxify more effectively, and counteract the harmful bodily acidity caused by the Western diet and the stressful modern lifestyle. With all of its beneficial features, Whol-E Water helps you get and stay healthy. In fact, by drinking Whol-E Water, you are both appreciating your body and also showing gratitude for the gift of life! And according to positive psychology research, this regular appreciation is a very joyful habit: one study showed that people who took time to actively appreciate three positive occurrences from their day for seven nights in a row (e.g., the gratitude diary) were significantly happier than the control group participants for the next six months. Drinking Whol-E Water is not only a way of showing gratitude for your health, but also automatically creates a positive event which you can appreciate as one of your three — or 20 — good things.

2. Whol-E is Kind:  Second, purchasing Whol-E Water, rather than other bottled waters, is a charitable act because, by doing so, you are supporting the health and happiness of families in impoverished areas of the world. Specifically, part of the Whol-E Water proceeds go to the construction of wells in Ethiopia. Your purchases of Whol-E water in addition to your donations to the cause have almost entirely funded a tap on a major well in the Gonok region of Ethiopia. Not bad for Whol-E’s first year! Positive psychology research demonstrated that individuals who performed five acts of kindness in one day for six weeks in a row were significantly happier than those who did not. Make purchasing Whol-E one of your kind deeds for the day and enjoy both the happiness boost it brings you as well as the knowledge that you are doing good for the world.

Feel Good. Do Good. Whol-E Water!

by Owen O’Brien, Licensed Master Social Worker

Masters in Social Work, Tulane School of Social Work

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Plan II Honors, UT Austin


Primary Source:

Lyubomirsky, S., Sheldon, K. M., & Schkade, D. (2005). Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change. Review of General Psychology, 9(2), 111.

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games- local companies supporting a charitable cause

We are proud to announce that Whol-E Water we will be one of the sponsoring companies of the 2014 Fittest Games

Hosted by CrossFit Central, the competition is designed to celebrate the empowering elements of CrossFit and is open to all fitness levels from amateur to pro. The Fittest Games is the largest CrossFit competition in Austin, with over 450 competitors and 3,000 spectators.

Whol-E Water will provide alkaline hydration to all volunteers, athletes and spectators from January 24th to January 25th at CrossFit Central’s downtown location.

This is a win-win event. Whol-E Water will donate 50 cents of each bottle sold to its nonprofit, A Glimmer of Hope, toward its current fundraiser, “Bring Clean Water to Gonok,” which is raising capital to construct a deep borehole well in Gonok—a region of rural Ethiopia.

Clean water is very scarce in this region. Currently, women and children must walk 4 miles over rough terrain carrying 40-pound jugs of contaminated water on their backs. This dirty water is then served to and consumed by their families.

To put this issue into perspective, here are some stats: 50% of Ethiopians are living with water-borne disease; only 42% of the population has access to an improved water supply; water-borne disease is the number one cause of death for infants in Ethiopia.

“Bring Clean Water to Gonok” will provide more than 400 families with access to clean drinking water by constructing a well in close proximity to the Gonok village.

In addition to inviting Whol-E Water to the Fittest Games, CrossFit Central has been generous enough to donate to the fundraiser.  We are thrilled that CrossFit Central and the Fittest Games share our passion for giving back.

Events like these are what define our company and make a difference in the world. Whol-E’s “Feel Good, Do Good” slogan embodies our imperative to improve health while fostering a generous mission.

For more info on the Fittest Games, please visit:

For more info over our fundraiser, please visit:

What is Whol-E Water?


Looking Back, Then Forward!

We at Whol-E want to wish our Hom-Es a Happy New Year! We hope that you had a year full of good times and good health. More importantly, we hope you spent your time doing meaningful things with meaningful people.

Reflection is a key part of progression. One of the special parts of welcoming the new year is remembering positive moments from the past 12 months.  Here are some of our favorite Whol-E moments of 2013:

1. The Wheatsville south lamar grand opening party

2. Raising over $2,500 for our charity, A Glimmer of Hope

3. Playing water pong with Austinites at our Wheatsville demos

4. Spontaneously handing out bottles of Whol-E to customers in JuiceLand’s long line on Lake Austin Blvd

5. Crusin’ on the lake with our friends with a bottle of Whol-E in hand

We are fueled by the thought that our Home-Es are supporting a charitable product that truly benefits their health. Throughout 2013, we have done our best to acknowledge all of the friendships and relationships we have made along the way. We are very excited to touch the lives of those in Ethiopia who are in dire need of clean drinking water. As many of you may know, we have been working with an Austin based charity, A Glimmer of Hope, to bring clean drinking water to those in need. We raised just over $2,500 in our effort to build a well, but there is still much work to be done to make our campaign goal into a reality for these deserving people. Here’s the link to our campaign:

With that said, here are Whol-E Water’s goals for 2014:

1. Complete our fundraiser with a Glimmer of Hope and bring clean water where it’s scarce and needed

2. Continue to provide the good people of Austin with Whol-E Water

3. Partner with more Austin companies to bring Whol-E Water to special events

Because of the support form our local vendors, family and friends, we’ve been able to continue our mission of providing the good people of Austin, TX with a quality product. These vendors, family and friends, are just as much a part of the Whol-E team as the Whol-E founders themselves. Just know that we do all of this to better your lives and the lives of those who are less fortunate.


Acid-Alkaline Balance and Its Effect on Bone Health

The Whol-E team is always searching for new information about the benefits of a basic diet. When we say a “basic” diet, we of course mean a predominantly alkaline diet. To help our Hom-Es and followers continue their knowledge about our water and alkaline diets in general, we would like to share some new information with you!

Our latest research involves some interesting findings about the effects of acidic diets on bone health. Thanks to two doctors, Susan E. Brown and Russell Jaffe, we get to tell you a few facts about the acid-alkaline balance and its effect on our bone health!

The first thing that stood out to us was the importance of mineral supply to the bones. When trying to grow or rebuild, our bones rely on mineral reserves. Without a sufficient supply of a number of minerals like Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, (Look Familiar?) Zinc, and a few others, our bones will begin to dissolve any existing minerals. This mineral loss is directly connected to bone loss.

When our bodies face an acid overload, we turn to alkalizing minerals like potassium and sodium to help control our body’s pH balance. If our mineral reserves are depleted, our bodies will unfortunately turn to calcium from the bones as a buffer. This transfer of calcium within our bodies is associated with bone loss, and can tell us if our mineral reserves are properly stocked. The authors go onto state their belief that osteoporosis can be acquired after our bodies slip into metabolic acidosis.

The authors even state that even one-tenth of a point drop in a human’s pH can “greatly stimulate osteoclastic activity, inhibit osteoblastic action, and induce a multifold bone mineral loss.” You can see why our cellular pH is such a delicate balance. Our bodies do a great job of regulating our pH. Since a pH scale is logarithmic, 6 pH is 10 times more acidic in 7 pH. Even minor variations can be biologically costly. That’s why the body must rely on our mineral reserves to maintain balance.

“Maintenance of healthy bone and cellular pH over a lifetime is a matter of small, yet deeply important choices.”

We believe that this quote taken from the International Journal of Integrative Medicine captures the essence of Whol-E Water’s health goals that we share with our drinkers. We encourage every Hom-E to use Whol-E Water as the foundation to your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the consistent consumption of alkaline water, we recommend to eat predominately alkaline foods. We realize that there’s a balance in the body, and some people may differ from others– in terms of their diets and lifestyles. We feel that a good rule of thumb is to consume 60% alkaline foods/drinks, to 40% acidic ones. In very simple terms, eat a bit more fruits and veggies than you do animal proteins. Also, avoid high consumption of flour, wheat and sugar.

International Journal of Integrated Medicine: Acid-Alkaline Balance and Its Effect on Bone Health


* Whol-E Water is not intended to cure or prevent any diseases.

The Whol-E Design

The Whol-E team wants you to know a little bit more about the roots behind the design of our logo that you see on every Whol-E Bottle. From the start, we at Whol-E acknowledged the fact that our water is a very elegant product. It is made up of essential minerals and purified water that combine to make a stellar cocktail of health and happiness. So, the challenge we faced early on was creating a bottle that mirrors the grace and sophistication of our water. With the vision of the Whol-E founders and the creative execution of Ky Lewis (, a gifted freelance graphic designer out of Dallas, TX, the Whol-E Water design was born.

First let’s talk about the name, Whol-E Water. Despite what some may think of our name, phonetically equivalent to “holy water,” it is not officially “blessed” and bears no direct correlation to Christianity. Rather, we spell it Whol-E to describe the water’s holistic properties–benefitting both the mind and the body. In addition, we separate the “E” not only to stress the pronunciation of our product, but also to highlight the health properties that our water contains–energy, electrolyte balance, endurance, etc. Some customers pronounce the name Whole Water, which is completely fine as this isn’t an inaccurate name for our product.

Now, have you ever wondered why the Whol-E logo features a hexagon? This is because Whol-E Water is made up of ultra pure, highly organized water that forms hexagonal clusters. There are places in nature where you can find water with similar make-up. Take a snowflake, for example: when looked at very closely, you will notice that the body of the snowflake is comprised of many hexagonal shapes. The health benefit of such molecular structure in water is its ability to penetrate human tissue at a much faster rate than “ordinary” waters. This efficiency leads to the rapid hydration and nutrient absorption that our Hom-Es experience after each sip.

Lastly, we slap our logo on the side of our bottle, “FEEL GOOD DO GOOD.” We believe this is one of the most important aspects of our design message. Throughout our journey, we’ve realized that it’s difficult to inform our customers about the health properties of water. Alkalinity, hexagonal water and chelated minerals must sound like a foreign language to most people. It’s easier to explain that we give back a portion of our profits to nonprofits (such as Austin-based Glimmer of Hope) that provide clean water in impoverished nations. So we were able to sum up our product in four simple words, “FEEL GOOD DO GOOD,” describing both our health and charitable aspects. So for all you readers out there, you should know that you’re not only getting a premium water product that has countless health benefits, but you’re also supporting a business that gives back to charities.