Drink Your Way to Happiness!

Drink Your Way to Happiness!

Drink Your Way to Happiness

Why Whol-E Water is the Official Drink of Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is the study of what makes life worth living and what makes humans thrive. Whol-E Water embodies two of the most foundational and important aspects of positive psychology — appreciation and kindness.

1. Whol-E is Thankful: Drinking Whol-E Water is, in itself, an act of self-appreciation because, in doing so, you are taking care of your body. Whol-E Water allows you to hydrate more efficiently, detoxify more effectively, and counteract the harmful bodily acidity caused by the Western diet and the stressful modern lifestyle. With all of its beneficial features, Whol-E Water helps you get and stay healthy. In fact, by drinking Whol-E Water, you are both appreciating your body and also showing gratitude for the gift of life! And according to positive psychology research, this regular appreciation is a very joyful habit: one study showed that people who took time to actively appreciate three positive occurrences from their day for seven nights in a row (e.g., the gratitude diary) were significantly happier than the control group participants for the next six months. Drinking Whol-E Water is not only a way of showing gratitude for your health, but also automatically creates a positive event which you can appreciate as one of your three — or 20 — good things.

2. Whol-E is Kind:  Second, purchasing Whol-E Water, rather than other bottled waters, is a charitable act because, by doing so, you are supporting the health and happiness of families in impoverished areas of the world. Specifically, part of the Whol-E Water proceeds go to the construction of wells in Ethiopia. Your purchases of Whol-E water in addition to your donations to the cause have almost entirely funded a tap on a major well in the Gonok region of Ethiopia. Not bad for Whol-E’s first year! Positive psychology research demonstrated that individuals who performed five acts of kindness in one day for six weeks in a row were significantly happier than those who did not. Make purchasing Whol-E one of your kind deeds for the day and enjoy both the happiness boost it brings you as well as the knowledge that you are doing good for the world.

Feel Good. Do Good. Whol-E Water!

by Owen O’Brien, Licensed Master Social Worker

Masters in Social Work, Tulane School of Social Work

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Plan II Honors, UT Austin


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