Finding Whol-E

Finding Whol-E

As far back as any of us at Whol-E Water can remember, sports and fitness have been central to our lives. Each of us played soccer through our senior year of high school and later went on to play college sports: O’Brien and Leitgeb played club soccer for Baylor University; Lye kicked for the Baylor Bears football team; and Hinners played D1 soccer at George Washington Universtiy.

Practicing 12 hours a week and traveling on weekends for games was no easy task. Though we were young, the intensive activity took a toll on our bodies. Fortunately, a lifetime of competitive sports comes with a well-rounded knowledge of proper nutrition for an active lifestyle. We all agree that one of the main takeaways from a lifetime of sports is how ingrained a healthy diet became.

Our interest in holistic living continued throughout high school and in college, where we were introduced to CrossFit. O’Brien’s brother, a coach at Westlake CrossFit in Austin, TX, showed us a whole different style of working out. We were hooked. CrossFit became our new fitness outlet.

The hot Texas summers created a sauna-like climate in Westlake CrossFit’s garage gym. After each workout, we were drenched in sweat and extremely dehydrated. We knew the importance of hydration, but we didn’t know there were different types of hydration until we stumbled upon alkaline water.

Curious and excited to try the new water that claimed to hydrate and balance the body more efficiently than other water, we headed to the nearest Whole Foods to buy some.

Though the effects weren’t instantaneous, we did notice that we seemed to be utilizing more of what we were taking in. As any athlete knows, when you have too much water, you can get “sloshy belly,” which is an uncomfortable state when you’re running long distances, or doing an intense workout. While using alkaline water with our workouts, we no longer experienced this problem.

Hooked on the new water, we started doing more research. We’ll spare you the details but in short, we created Whol-E Water, an enhanced alkaline water containing chelated minerals, blended with reverse-osmosis water.

We do not doubt that the creation of Whol-E is a result of our upbringing and a manifestation of our athletic backgrounds. We are grateful to be providing a product that we truly believe will improve health. Our water doesn’t have to be your ultimate solution, but let it be a beginning to a healthy new lifestyle.

We are a young group of guys who are passionate about fitness and we love giving back to those who need help. Whol-E shares a percentage of its profits with A Glimmer of Hope, a nonprofit that digs wells in Ethiopia for clean drinking water. That is what Whol-E Water is all about. We appreciate all those who have supported us in spreading our message.

As always,

Feel Good Do Good!

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