The Kingdom: The 2014 Fittest Games

The Kingdom: The 2014 Fittest Games

Austin got hit with a winter storm on Thursday, January 23rd—one day before the 2014 Fittest Games. Despite the freezing weather and icy roads, athletes and spectators found their way to CrossFit Central’s downtown location, as planned.

Although we had an idea of how many people would actually be there, we were amazed to see how many people appeared at the event by the time Saturday rolled around. Packed with vendors, judges, volunteers, spectators and athletes, the Fittest Games was rolling by the time the very first heat took place. Whol-E Water, one of many awesome vendors present at the event, was providing alkaline hydration to all judges, volunteers and spectators.

Some 1000 bottles of Whol-E Water were circulated during the 2-day event. This was possibly the coolest event in which we have participated. Not only did we provide Whol-E Water to a mass of fit Austinites, but we were also able to raise money for our non-profit, A Glimmer of Hope, which was one of our main goals from the start.

Whol-E Water donated 50 cents of each bottle sold to our nonprofit, A Glimmer of Hope, toward its current fundraiser, “Bring Clean Water to Gonok,” which is raising capital to construct a deep borehole well in Gonok—a region of rural Ethiopia.

“Bring Clean Water to Gonok” will provide more than 400 families with access to clean drinking water by constructing a well in close proximity to the Gonok village.

In addition to inviting Whol-E Water to the Fittest Games, CrossFit Central donated to the fundraiser.  We are thrilled that CrossFit Central and the Fittest Games share our passion for giving back.

Events like these are what define our company and make a difference in the world. Whol-E’s “Feel Good, Do Good” slogan embodies our imperative to improve health while fostering a generous mission. The fact that we got the opportunity to share Whol-E Water with such an empowered crowd was an incredible and beneficial experience for all involved.

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