The Whol-E Detox

The Whol-E Detox Program

It happens to all of us, a weekend full of indulgences- beer, queso, and decadent deserts. Once Monday rolls around you feel like crap and you’re looking for a quick fix. Some people turn to juice, some turn to raw food for their cleanses.

We’d like to introduce you to the Whol-E Detox program. Now, I’m sure most of you have heard of water cleanses before– drinking nothing but water for 24 hours straight. We think that’s a bit silly, so we created 3 levels of cleanses that incorporate high water consumption, along with a raw foods diet.

Alkaline water is key for water-based cleanses because it is composed of micro-clusters which are comprised of about 5-6 water molecules. A normal water cluster has about 10-11 water molecules. So what’s the benefit? Micro-clusters are able to penetrate our cell membranes more efficiently than normal waters. This not only means you’re hydrating quicker, but also cleansing your body quicker.

With that said, let’s get started:

Level One

Duration: 5 days

Our first level calls for a daily water regimen of 5-7 Whol-E Waters. This is roughly 10-14 cups of water each day. Make sure that at least 60% of your diet is basic/raw (for tips on finding basic foods, click here: In addition to our recommendation of a predominantly basic diet and water consumption, level one also require you to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes each day. Do your best keep your workout intensity fairly high, and be sure to hydrate properly before and after exercising.

Level Two

Duration: 7 days

Follow level one’s instructions, but increase your water intake to 7-9 Whol-E Waters a day for a week straight. Also, increase your daily exercise to 60 minutes a day. Since your workouts are longer, it would be best to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercises into your regimen.

Level Three

Duration: 14 days

Follow level one’s instructions, but increase your water intake to 9-11 Whol-E Waters a day for two weeks straight. Also, increase your daily exercise to 90 minutes a day (aerobic and anaerobic).

Why so much exercise? 

For one, we love staying active and sitting still isn’t really our thing. More importantly, it is because working out heightens your metabolism and helps rid your body of toxins. Plus, our detox program isn’t necessarily focusing on a decrease in your caloric intake. Rather, it stresses an increase in alkaline water consumption mixed with a raw foods/basic diet, so working out is acceptable with the Whol-E Detox program.

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