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The Whol-E Design

The Whol-E team wants you to know a little bit more about the roots behind the design of our logo that you see on every Whol-E Bottle. From the start, we at Whol-E acknowledged the fact that our water is a very elegant product. It is made up of essential minerals and purified water that combine to make a stellar cocktail of health and happiness. So, the challenge we faced early on was creating a bottle that mirrors the grace and sophistication of our water. With the vision of the Whol-E founders and the creative execution of Ky Lewis (, a gifted freelance graphic designer out of Dallas, TX, the Whol-E Water design was born.

First let’s talk about the name, Whol-E Water. Despite what some may think of our name, phonetically equivalent to “holy water,” it is not officially “blessed” and bears no direct correlation to Christianity. Rather, we spell it Whol-E to describe the water’s holistic properties–benefitting both the mind and the body. In addition, we separate the “E” not only to stress the pronunciation of our product, but also to highlight the health properties that our water contains–energy, electrolyte balance, endurance, etc. Some customers pronounce the name Whole Water, which is completely fine as this isn’t an inaccurate name for our product.

Now, have you ever wondered why the Whol-E logo features a hexagon? This is because Whol-E Water is made up of ultra pure, highly organized water that forms hexagonal clusters. There are places in nature where you can find water with similar make-up. Take a snowflake, for example: when looked at very closely, you will notice that the body of the snowflake is comprised of many hexagonal shapes. The health benefit of such molecular structure in water is its ability to penetrate human tissue at a much faster rate than “ordinary” waters. This efficiency leads to the rapid hydration and nutrient absorption that our Hom-Es experience after each sip.

Lastly, we slap our logo on the side of our bottle, “FEEL GOOD DO GOOD.” We believe this is one of the most important aspects of our design message. Throughout our journey, we’ve realized that it’s difficult to inform our customers about the health properties of water. Alkalinity, hexagonal water and chelated minerals must sound like a foreign language to most people. It’s easier to explain that we give back a portion of our profits to nonprofits (such as Austin-based Glimmer of Hope) that provide clean water in impoverished nations. So we were able to sum up our product in four simple words, “FEEL GOOD DO GOOD,” describing both our health and charitable aspects. So for all you readers out there, you should know that you’re not only getting a premium water product that has countless health benefits, but you’re also supporting a business that gives back to charities.

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