Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games

Whol-E Water at the Fittest Games- local companies supporting a charitable cause

We are proud to announce that Whol-E Water we will be one of the sponsoring companies of the 2014 Fittest Games

Hosted by CrossFit Central, the competition is designed to celebrate the empowering elements of CrossFit and is open to all fitness levels from amateur to pro. The Fittest Games is the largest CrossFit competition in Austin, with over 450 competitors and 3,000 spectators.

Whol-E Water will provide alkaline hydration to all volunteers, athletes and spectators from January 24th to January 25th at CrossFit Central’s downtown location.

This is a win-win event. Whol-E Water will donate 50 cents of each bottle sold to its nonprofit, A Glimmer of Hope, toward its current fundraiser, “Bring Clean Water to Gonok,” which is raising capital to construct a deep borehole well in Gonok—a region of rural Ethiopia.

Clean water is very scarce in this region. Currently, women and children must walk 4 miles over rough terrain carrying 40-pound jugs of contaminated water on their backs. This dirty water is then served to and consumed by their families.

To put this issue into perspective, here are some stats: 50% of Ethiopians are living with water-borne disease; only 42% of the population has access to an improved water supply; water-borne disease is the number one cause of death for infants in Ethiopia.

“Bring Clean Water to Gonok” will provide more than 400 families with access to clean drinking water by constructing a well in close proximity to the Gonok village.

In addition to inviting Whol-E Water to the Fittest Games, CrossFit Central has been generous enough to donate to the fundraiser.  We are thrilled that CrossFit Central and the Fittest Games share our passion for giving back.

Events like these are what define our company and make a difference in the world. Whol-E’s “Feel Good, Do Good” slogan embodies our imperative to improve health while fostering a generous mission.

For more info on the Fittest Games, please visit: http://thefittestgames.com

For more info over our fundraiser, please visit: http://www.aglimmerofhope.org/campaign/feel-good-do-good-whol-e-water

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